ASTRAL TV Chrystal Shores (LTD Blue Transparant vinyl edition)


Astral TV is a new project from Causa Sui synth- and electronics-wiz Rasmus Rasmussen and fellow inner-space traveller Keith Canisius. On ”Chrystal Shores” they create fluctuating aural landscapes, ranging from subtle and earthy to celestial and downright paranormal. Inspired in part by classic synth-scores, vintage European ”kosmische” and modern drone, the duo has created the soundtrack for a heady, sonic trip.

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Vinyl: Clear blue translucent
Label: El Paraiso Records – EPR042LP
Style: Synthwave, Berlin-School, Dark Ambient, Electronica
Released: 07/2017
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A1 – Before We Meet 01:07
A2 – Mirrors 04:19
A3 – Staying Home 02:27
A4 – Human 02:16
A5 – Synthetic Thoughts 02:24
A6 – It Moves 02:08
A7 – Sun Flares 05:32
A8 – Orbit 03:21

B1 – 0000 03:51
B2 – Stations 02:52
B3 – Welcome 02:10
B4 – Area S4 03:17
B5 – Surveillance 08:48
B6 – Crystal Shores 01:41

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