MORT GARSON Mother Earth’s Plantasia (LTD Green vinyl / Tip-on sleeve)


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Vinyle: Opaque vert
Label: Sacred Bones Records SBR-3030
style: Electronica, experimental, Ambiant
Date de sortie: 06/2019 (Reissue)
Inclus carte de téléchargement sur papier graine à planter

A1 – Plantasia
A2 – Symphony For A Spider Plant
A3 – Baby’s Tears Blues
A4 – Ode To An African Violet
A5 – Concerto For Philodendron & Pothos

B1 – Rhapsody In Green
B2 – Swingin’ Spathiphyllums
B3 – You Don’t Have To Walk A Begonia
B4 – A Mellow Mood For Maidenhair
B5 – Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant

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